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This move won’t lose to much because of the anti-A system. The second part also counts as a wallslam in the corner but will just let them fall midscreen. Goes into slow motion then, unlike his other styles where he jumps slowly over and is blockable, he makes a clone of him that goes higher while there is another under him like his Blood Heat version in Crescent and Full. This also applies to IADs. But, the hitbox has been expanded to hit crouchers on hit and on block so it can tag people from a bit of a distance away. Possible to get a CH off this into 5A relaunch. Using this move in the corner counts as 2 wallslams.

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Mizuumi Getting Started Community Roadmap. Very fast move but whiffs on most crouching characters. It’s possible to even whiff a normal before the opponent gets up. Causes a techable ground knockdown so be prepared to tech punish after this hits. It combos into any special including BB into aircombo.

Can be used as a fullscreen punish and will setup a tech punish setup if it hits. This is a lot safer than the non-charged version. A mashable knife-hand to the legs. Crescent The most popular moon and for a good reason.


Shiki Nanaya Voice – Melty Blood Actress Again (Game) | Behind The Voice Actors

This Arc Drive is an unblockable move but it is possible to dodge it. It will wallslam on hit and is possible to combo after. Basically you’re free to experiment with hsiki up the B with any normal since the wall will greatly reduce the recovery on the B. Hits mid provided that you do not hold 1, 2 or 3 for the lower version. The movement is negligible compared to Crescent Moon and Half Moon 2C slides but this makes his hitbox smaller.

Half The least popular moon, but overall a very balanced character. For the air tech punishing, you will use 5C only but the timing is different on each tech so practice that. A chargeable stab that has moves forward quite a good bit, making it easy to push the opponent to the corner of the stage during blockstrings. He can tech punish off most setups or go for a very damaging combo.

His ground normals are less intuitive than the other two moons, shki the pure frame advantage of moves like 2A and 2C allow you to trick up your opponent with your dive kicks, allowing you to quickly change up your pressure from high to low at nauseating proficiency. Only real use it has is if you read a laggy move, since this will past through it and hit them. Be sure to hit confirm this for optimal damage when hit. Navigation Main Page Recent changes. Then there is his bunker that can get you out pressure if timed right.


It is best used after his 5A 6A 6A sequence. His only air move that has a decent horizontal nanwya, but because it’s an A attack, don’t expect miracles. Generally, F-Nanaya should always make it as easy as possible to go into MAX as he does not have the best defense and will eat a lot of damage from a combo.

A roundhouse kick that has a huge hit box and extends to parts above him. Good to use as an air-ground.

Shiki Nanaya VOICE

Can be blocked ,and is very slow. This has the furthest horizontal reach in F-Nanaya’s moveset and is fundamental for poking and keeping pressure.

Most commonly would be to do 2A dash throw as a tick throw. Hit confirm to B C at max range for full benefit.

He may be less straight forward than Tohno, but he excels at tech punishes and stacking reverse beats, so advanced players will feel right at home. Nanaya is smooth, confident, and treats life and death casually. However, once Nanaya gets in, he can run his shit for days, and is extremely pressure based. H-Nanaya is simple rushdown character with many ranged pokes and a fast dash.