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There is an increasing demand for printed stretch films owing to their effectiveness in conveying a brand message. They are generally used in the packing and wrapping pallets and crates, and can be an eye-catching addition to any company’s branding strategy. They can be printed with your company’s logo or other marketing details, and thus help the business to look professional and stand out in the marketplace. We, at BlueRose Packaging, offer stretch films that can be customized with logos, colors, artworks, shipping instructions, warnings and tamper evident messages, among others. Our range of custom printed stretch films are one of the economical branding methods that give a lot of bang for the buck.


Many believe that the market of stretch films is just for pallet wrapping, however print stretch films are actually used for more than just wrapping products for safe storage or shipping. With the immensely growing digitized technology, there is a significant demand for printed stretch films from across industries. Several advancements in printing capabilities also have opened up new areas for companies to use stretch film for adding branding and marketing element to the packaging. Following features add to the popularity of our custom printed stretch films.

  • The stretch films can be easily applied.
  • They are available in a variety of thicknesses, and sizes.
  • These stretch films assure good sealing performance.
  • The films assure better elasticity than standard films.
  • They are easy to tear.
  • Our custom printed stretch films are ideal for freezer applications.
  • They are available in gauges from 60 to 120.
  • They can be availed in single-sided or two-sided cling formulations, with printing on all sides.
  • The stretch films possess excellent weatherability, which makes them ideal for all weather conditions.


Stretch films are one of the most important and commonly used packaging materials in the world. They are not only a great way to add value to your product, but also provide a layer of protection for products during transit.  The following are the other benefits that add to the popularity of our custom printed stretch films in the marketplace.

  • Our printed stretch films can be customized in different colors, such as clear, blue, white and black.
  • They are cost effective and can be easily applied on oddly-shaped or hard-to-stack loads.
  • These packaging essentials help to protect the products from dust, dirt, moisture, scratches and so on.
  • They also minimize product damage from shock, vibration, and abrasion.
  • Stretch films, also available in two layers, are durable with better stretch properties and high load capacity.
  • They form a tight seal around the package’s contents; therefore, are ideal for both short and long-distance transportation.
  • Stretch films can be stretched beyond its original length to wrap around odd shaped or large packages.
  • They can be easily removed from the pallet or the product without leaving any adhesive on it.


Stretch film is a popular product that can be found at virtually any industrial yard or warehouse, and is sold in a variety of grades ranging from clear to opaque. Commonly used on pallets, skids, bundles, boxes and cases, they not only safeguard them during storage, and transportation, but also used as one of the amazing technique for promoting the products and services of enterprises. The use of printed stretch films is not only a practical tool for advertising but also an effective means to;

  • Communicate with customers
  • Increase brand awareness
  • Build business reputation
  • Promote sales


Custom printed stretch films are an integral part of most packaging applications. Our customization capabilities allow you to make them exactly the way you want by incorporating vented, pre-stretched, puncture-resistant, UV-inhibited features. We can help your firm save expenses and increase throughput by offering high-quality products which has high strength, shrinkage and tear resistance at attractive prices. We provide tailored pricing for custom printed stretch films when ordered in bulk.

With a quick response time and shorter order wait periods, you’ll be able to put your stretch film to work sooner than you think and competitive prices.

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