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Packaging is a common requirement across industries and this is primarily accomplished with the help of different types of stretch wraps. Every company and application is different, so their packaging needs also differ. Stretch wraps are tightly wrapped across products to secure them to each other or keep them bound to pallets. Blown stretch films are one of the important types of stretch films used today for packaging different items. These films are named after their method of production. Do you know almost 20%-30% of stretch wrap films used across the world today are blown stretch types!

At BlueRose Packaging, we provide blown stretch wraps that are custom built to meet your application requirements. They are designed using high quality materials which assure high packaging capabilities in challenging scenarios. You can get in touch with our experts today to discuss your requirements.


Blown stretch films are manufactured through the blown extrusion process. In the first step of the process, granular resin and additives are fed by a hot screw barrel. In the next step, the hot resin is forced into a die. This resin is blown downward and upward in the vertical direction and this refers to a bubble. This bubble is made to cool slowly as the air goes up in the tower. When the air rises up in the tower, the film is nipped and drawn down to slitting and winding stations with guide rollers. This slow cooling process makes blown stretch films appear duller than cast stretch films. The process allows blown stretch films to be more resilient and robust than cast stretch films and other packaging films.


We have been processing large orders of blown stretch films for several years now. Our experts believe this popularity is mainly owing to the following reasons:

  • Blown stretch films assure high load as well as stretch capacity.
  • They are made of premium quality materials.
  • These films are generally employed for packaging products of odd shapes because they can be stretched to several times their capacity.
  • The films also have a high degree of memory when stretched and this helps to secure product loads.
  • Blown stretch films have high levels of cling, which means they will not come off easily from the pallet or bundle.
  • These stretch films are durable and assures excellent toughness.
  • The films have an excellent tear or puncture resistance and they do not tear easily, which makes them ideal for packaging sharp products.
  • They produce less manufacturing scrap.
  • Blown stretch films use less amount of gloss, which helps reduce reflection under commercial and warehouse lighting. This makes product scanning and visualization much easier.
  • Blown stretch films possess immense load handling power.


All blown stretch films are manufactured exclusively at our well-equipped facility in California. This allows us to stay true to our commitment of delivering high-quality products at competitive prices. All these years we have been catering to clients with bulk requirements. Unlike other manufacturers, we offer tailored wholesale prices depending on your requirements. So, you can always get in touch with our experts to receive the quote for your wholesale requirements. We will be happy to help you choose the right gauge sizes and specifications.

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